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Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease


In optimal health, kidneys efficiently filter waste products and surplus fluids from the bloodstream, eliminating them through urine. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a slow, progressive ailment wherein the kidneys experience gradual damage, diminishing their capacity to carry out essential functions over time.


The indicators and manifestations of chronic kidney disease typically manifest gradually as the damage advances slowly over time. Common signs may encompass:

These symptoms are nonspecific and may be attributed to other illnesses. Due to the remarkable adaptability of the kidneys, compensatory mechanisms may mask signs until irreversible damage occurs.

Diagnosis And Treatment

Management of Chronic Kidney Disease


Contact Advanced Kidney Care for expert chronic kidney disease management by calling or scheduling an appointment online.The physicians at Advanced Kidney Care bring significant expertise to their field, with substantial experience. Their wealth of knowledge ensures high-quality care and specialized attention for each patient’s unique needs.

Patient Education on CKD

Classes, known as Options classes for patients with advanced CKD stage 4 and 5 to help them choose appropriate mode of renal replacement therapy once that becomes necessary